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Best Roadside Service

Since 1962, For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Best Roadside Service has been providing stranded motorists with emergency roadside assistance.

Best Roadside Service’s agents answer phones in less than a minute. And the average time to get assistance is one hour throughout the United states. This is possible because they have one of the largest networks of service providers in their rankings with over 45,000 providers that span across the United States and Canada.

The call centers handle over 70,000 service calls monthly, so you know they have the resources to be there when you or one of your drivers needs service. Importantly, their fleet of service providers are bonded, vetted and insured.

Best Roadside Service takes pride in customer service and hires and trains only the best customer service dispatchers. Just read all the positive comments on their website!

Additionally, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  It’s no surprise they are #1 in our rankings.

Individual & Vehicle Plans

Best Roadside Service’s two plans offer the same benefits with two major differences.

The vehicle plan may be very beneficial to those families and individuals who have only one car since anyone driving that specific vehicle can take advantage of the assistance in case of an emergency.

An individual plan, on the other hand, covers an individual no matter what type of vehicle they are driving or riding in, not a particular vehicle. It’s ideal for those families with multiple vehicles.

Best Roadside Service allows you to make 6 service calls per year for each covered vehicle. This is more than the 4 service calls on average offered by other breakdown services. The service provides towing service up to 75 miles and fuel delivery. Unlike other services, Best Roadside Service offers up to 3 gallons of gas free of charge.

Other services provided by Best Roadside Service include lockout services, dead battery jump, and flat tire change. Another perk, is that Best Roadside Service plans include lost key service which has a locksmith reimbursement of $100.

Motorcycle Plans

Best Roadside Service has you covered even when you’re on two wheels. Apart from vehicles, the company also offers breakdown services for motorcycles, you just need to purchase a separate plan.

Starting at just $65 for the motorcycle plan, you receive all of the same benefits & perks as you would with the vehicle plans.

Commercial and Fleet Plans

The commercial and fleet plans offered by Best Roadside Service follow the vehicle and not the driver. This means you can assign any driver to any vehicle and they will be covered in the event of a roadside emergency or disablement.

With the commercial plans, there are two plan options; regular and heavy duty.

The Regular Plan covers Light medium duty vehicles which provides towing up to 75 miles to a facility of your choice.

The Heavy Duty Plan (box trucks, bigger vans) get a generous $200 allowance for towing.

All Commercial plans include battery and jump start assistance, 24-hour flat tire service, 3 gallons of free fuel delivery, and  24 Hour Lost Key and Lockout Service.  Of course, they offer the same perks as you would receive with the vehicle plans.


Best Roadside Service has several perks with its annual membership. One feature that stands out is the 24-hour concierge. If you are traveling and need help reserving a hotel room or a rental car, they can book it for you. Concierge service is reserved for the premium plans of other emergency roadside assistance providers but comes standard with each Best Roadside Service membership.

Other membership benefits include emergency transportation services, retail discounts for hotel, travel packages and trip planning services.


Best Roadside Service provides excellent roadside assistance with premium, emergency roadside services. They also offer benefits such as travel discounts, trip planning services, and 24-hour personal concierge services.  With their extensive network, great benefits, excellent customer service, along with their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, this makes Best Roadside Service is our Top Choice.

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