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Paragon Motor Club provides its members with roadside assistance plans for individual, motorcycle, commercial/fleet and even RV.   Paragon offers two emergency roadside assistance tiers, in addition to its wheel and tire as well as extended warranty services.  Although the essentials are provided by the Classic Roadside plan, it doesn’t offer as much as many other companies’ basic plans.  Where Paragon Motor Club really shines is with its Advantage plan.

Once you join the auto club as a member, you can either pay monthly or annually.  No signup fee is charged if you elect to pay monthly.  If you decide to pay monthly, your first bill will have a one-time small fee applied to it.  All of the memberships offered by Paragon cover you as well as one other adult household member, where most other companies will charge you an extra fee for adding your spouse or another adult onto your plan.  There might be a small fee for adding members who are under 21 years old to your plan.

The Individual Plans

Two different roadside service plans are offered by Paragon Motor Club.  The company’s basic membership is its Classic Roadside plan which has an annual cost of $69.95  The Classic Plan  provides core coverage on roadside emergencies. This includes towing up to 15miles, flat tire assistance, battery service, lockout service, and fluid delivery.   The company’s premium membership is its Advantage Plan, which has an annual cost of $84.95 per year, provides towing up to 100 miles in  addition to several other bonus features.  Some of these benefits are; accident trip interruption, legal defense reimbursement, soften vehicle trip interruption, travel discounts as well as discounts on maintenance and services.

So whenever you have trouble, no matter where you happen to be located in Canada or the United States, this company will provide you with roadside assistance.  However, you cannot become a member in the company’s plans if you are a California state resident.  If you encounter any roadside issues while you are in the state of California you still can receive services.  Keep in mind that some roadside assistance companies do not have any restrictions when it comes to living in certain states.

Motorcycle Plans

The Classic & Advantage Individual Plans also include motorcycles.  Paragon Doesn’t offer plans that are specific to motorcycles.  This makes it more convenient  for the consumer if they so happen to like riding on two wheels.

Commercial Plans

The commercial plans from Paragon are based on the type of vehicle.  They offer Light and Medium duty coverage, and Heavy Duty coverage, each with a Classic and Advantage Plan.  The Light and Medium  classic plans starts at $139.95 per year, per vehicle.  This plan offers up to 5 service calls per year and up to 15 miles of tow service.  The Advantage plan for Light and Medium coverage, is $159.95 per year per vehicle and will cover you up to 100 miles of towing.

The Heavy Duty plans is where things change bit.  Heavy Duty coverage starts at $199.95 per vehicle per year and allows up to  5 service calls per year and up to $200.00 paid per call for a total of $1,000  per vehicle per year.  This means that if you need to get towed, and the expense is $300,  Paragon will cover the $200 and you need to pick up the $100 difference.  The Heavy Duty Advantage Plan is $259.95 per vehicle, per year and up to $400 per call with for a total of up to $2,000.00 per vehicle, per year.

The Benefits

An on-time arrival guarantee is not offered by Paragon Motor Club, so if you have to wait longer for help you won’t receive any type of reimbursement.  Travel-interruption expenses – like alternative transportation and lodging expenses whenever you break down when you are far away from home – up to a maximum of $1,000 is covered only with the Advantage membership.  The Classic plan, unlike many other company’s basic plans, doesn’t offer any retail discounts.  However, their Advantage plan does offer discounts on resorts, hotels, rental cars as well as services and maintenance from both local and national chains.

The Advantage plan offers several notable extras, which includes customized trip routing.  In order to receive a trip-routing package, all you need to do is log into the Paragon website.  A customized route gets created by the service for you.  It includes maps, discount and hotel coupons relating to your travel plans and points of interest.

Stolen vehicle reimbursement is another extra that is offered.  It covers up to $1,000 in emergency transportation expenses in the event your vehicle is stolen while you are more than 100 miles away from home.  You are also reimbursed for legal fees and ambulance services by the company from traffic violation charges as long as you can prove that you were wrongly accused.  Some VIP services are included with the Advantage plan, like travel agency services and ATM location assistance.

Paragon Motor Club offers excellent customer service.  Their customer service telephone number for both current and prospective members is toll-free for calling to ask non-emergency questions.  The website offers a thorough FAQ section and email support is available as well.


Paragon Motor Club offers excellent customer service.  The premium Advantage plan offered by Paragon Motor Club offers high levels of nationwide coverage and roadside assistance.  The Classic plan is lacking in important features, like travel interruption reimbursement.  That is why we recommend if you are going to sign up with Paragon that you go with their Advantage plan.  However, many of the top roadside assistance companies do provide competitive benefits with their basic plans.  Therefore, this company’s standard plan might not be as great a deal as what you can receive from other companies.

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