National Motor Club

National Motor Club or NMC has been around since 1956 and is only of the largest independent motor clubs in the United States.  They service hundreds of thousands of members throughout the Unites States and Canada.

The Plans

The NMC or National Motor Club provides consumers with four choices when it comes to roadside assistance programs. The plans range from $6.50 per month all of the way up to $20 per month.  The better plans are naturally going to provide you with more perks and services, but all four plans provide the basic services like gas delivery and towing. Rental car discounts, assistance with travel and reimbursement for legal fees are just a few of the premium services available with other plans.

Consumers pay for these plans monthly and not annually. There is also a one-time fee for enrollment, which is listed at 20 dollars. You can include other family members in the plan you choose, but you do have to pay a five dollar fee in addition to the original membership dues. That sounds a little ridiculous, as does the simple fact that households with multiple drivers are stuck paying anything to add another driver.

Each of the four plans covers drivers for $100 when it comes to disablement.  Jump starts are always available, even with the standard plans, and of course towing is always available, too. Other services include vehicle lockouts, flat tire changes and of course that all-important fuel delivery service mentioned earlier. Vehicle extraction is another service that is covered; however, a driver’s car has to be less than 100 feet away from the road.

All types of roadworthy vehicles are included when it comes to the four roadside assistance programs available including vehicles that have only two wheels.  That means your motorcycles are covered.  When it comes to trailers, however, only tire changes are offered as a service. Any vehicles that are classified as off-road aren’t covered when it comes to the plans available from National Motor Club. There are also four states in which the plans aren’t available to residents, yet travelers wouldn’t find themselves outside the service area.


There are extra benefits as mentioned if you opt for a premium plan that NMC offers. The reimbursement for legal fees in regards to a traffic citation is just one of the extra perks available to consumers who choose Security Shield, which is the best plan available from NMC. Consumers are also privy to hotel and rental car discounts, and home lockout services are also included with the plan. The lockout services provide reimbursement for fees up to 100 dollars. Home lockout services aren’t often included with these types of plans, so that’s definitely an extra benefit.

There is even a reimbursement rule set up for travel interruptions up to 500 dollars. This means that your travel expenses, such as your transportation, meals, and lodging, are taken care of up to that 500 dollar limit.


You have choices when it comes to going with National Motor Club. There are four plans to choose from, and each of those plans features many different benefits. It makes NMC a great choice when it comes to roadside assistance programs for different types of vehicles, with the exception of trailers. The extras included with some of the plans are definitely appealing, making National Motor Club an excellent choice.  The downside if NMC is the $100 disablement fee.  That means if you call a tow truck, NMC will cover up to $100, which might not get you very far unless your willing to pick up the difference.

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