Encore Protection

Encore Protection has only been around since 2013 and have been growing rapidly ever since.  Encore offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  They offer a variety of consumer and commercial plans to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be covered when they need it most.

The Plans

Encore offers two plans for the consumer, Individual and Family.   The Individual plan is $96 per year and the family plan is $120 per year. Each plan covers up to 25 miles of towing, Lock-out assistance, flat tire changes, batter jump service as well as fuel and delivery service.  They also offer “Just in Case” benefits such as, ambulance reimbursement, travel expense reimbursement, attorney fees reimbursement, car theft reward and a hit and run reward.

Encore does offer Commercial Roadside Assistance depending on the type of vehicle.  Their plans range small business all the way up to Semi Fleets. Encore’s commercial pricing is customized so you would have to contact them directly to see what plan works for you.

The Benefits

As expected from a roadside assistance company, Encore offers some perks as well.  Car rental discounts, hotel discounts, discounts for dining and shopping and much more.


Encore is a growing company and provides decent roadside assistance.  However, they lack in some areas.  For example, you can’t just go to their website and sign up.  In fact, signing up via the telephone seems to be challenge as well.   After our research, we found that the only way to sign up is via Amazon.  That might be great for Encore but it can be challenge in navigating around trying to find plan pricing and wanting to sign up.

The inconsistencies in their on-boarding experience will deter people and send them to another roadside assistance company.  If you can overcome this and their plans work for you, Encore Protection offers good Roadside Service and benefits.

Encore Protection
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