Rescue Plus

Rescue Plus from GWRRA has a highly reviewed roadside assistance program.  GWRRA is also known as Gold Wing Road Riders Association.  GWRRA is known as the social organization for owners and rides of the Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie motorcycles. While Rescue Plus roadside assistance is a perk of being member of GWRRA, they also provide roadside assistance to non-members as well.

Motorcycle Only Plans

If you are a member of GWRRA, you have free roadside assistance with the Rescue Standard Plan.  This plan offers up to 35 miles of towing.  For additional $12 per year, you can purchase the Motorcycle Plus Plan.  This plan offers towing up to 100 miles, which is 75 miles more than the free plan.  It also allows you to use this up to ten times per year.

All Vehicle Plans

 Rescue Plus offers two plans that cover motorcycles, cars, non-commercial trucks, and even motorcycle trailers.  The Rescue Plus plan which is priced at $80 per year.  It covers up to 100 miles of towing up to ten times per year.  The Rescue Plus Premium Plan is offered at $120 per year.  This plan provides the same towing distance and limits as the Rescue Plus Plan.  The only difference is the Rescue Plus Plan will cover motorcycles, cars, non-commercial trucks motorcycle trailers and even your RV.

All plans provided my Rescue Plus include mechanical first aid such as tire service, battery service, fuel delivery, and key/lockout service.  They also offer the additional perks such as map service, rental car discounts and hotel discounts.


Rescue Plus offers pretty good roadside service and considering the types of vehicles the plans cover, it’s a good value too.  They could offer more perks beyond rental car and hotel discounts like some of the competitors do.  One thing to note, all above pricing is for GWRAA non-members only, so if you happen to be a member, you will receive a better rate.

Rescue Plus
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