Rider Rescue

Rider Rescue has been providing roadside assistance services for motorcycle and scooters since 1998. They have a network of over 20,000 tow providers throughout the United States & Canada.  Their focus is providing roadside assistance to motorcycle and scooter dealerships to help them increase sales, but individuals can purchase plans as well.

The plans start at $45.95 per year for the Basic Plan and go all the way up to $79.95 per year for the Regional Touring.  The only difference is the towing limit. The Basic Plan provides a towing limit of 15 miles and the Regional Touring Plan offers towing at a range of 50 miles.  There is also a middle range plan called the Basic Plus for $59.95 per year which offers a towing range of 35 miles.

All plans include fuel delivery, batter service, and lost key service. They also include extrication & winching. Their perks include lodging discounts and rental car discounts.


Rider Rescue offers decent roadside assistance plans for motorcycles.  Depending on where you will depend on which plan you will need.  A rider in a very rural area would need to purchase a Regional Towing Plan.  Someone who lives in a larger metropolitan area can get away with their Basic Plan.   With their extensive network and experience, you can’t go wrong with Rider Rescue.  However, other providers offer longer range towing and better perks for the same amount of money.

Rider Rescue
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